About Us

About Safire

   We, Safire print pack are the prominent printing and packaging Company located at chennai having its factory at both royapettah and Tirunindravur with over 50,000 square feet of built up space .we have attained phenomenal success in the printing industry over the years . Company has grown into a fully integrated print house with a host of single , two , four , six color offset machines , Flexo, gravure printing machines . We have end to end finishing machines to deliver the desired products for our Happy customers. We are the only company in south india to have combination of Flexo, offset, gravure printing.

   Our company has be founded by Mr. Gunasekaran Ayyanathan in the year 1978 . We began our journey has modest poster printing unit and gradually diversified into trading of imported used offset printing machine , manufacturing of books, Brouchures,leaflets, stationery , mono cartons ,labels, paper bags, hand fans ,rigid boxes and so many . We at safire always value our customers .

We believe in investing in state of the art machinery.
We employ skilled, efficient and technically qualified workforce.
We source reliable and high quality raw materials.


Our infrastructure has got high end machineries and Equipments capable of delivering all your printing and packing requirements. Achieving fine printing with the combination of unique machineries such as the Flexo, Offset, and Gravure Machines.


Bobst Lemanic 26” width 8 Colour with Rotary Die Cutter and UV.


Chestnut 15” width 8 Colour with Rotary Die Cutter with UV.


Tenma 40” width 6 Colour Gravure with Turrent.


Fuji Kikkai 40” width 8 Colour Gravure with Turrent.


The process is mainly divided into Pre-press, Press, and Post-press. Every single section of the three are considered equally crucial to bring out the desired print and packaging outcome. We are equipped with Flexo, Offset and Gravure machines delivering end to end solutions to every requirement.


Introducing the Kodak VLF CTP Plate along with Processor 36” x 50” maximum size offering the unrivalled fully-automated VLF plate setters on the market, providing remarkable productivity and supreme-quality thermal imaging.

The fully integrated punch technology helpful in enhancing the automation to a greater level. Environmental attributes were also taken into account and results with unique temperature compensation systems for customizing for changes in the weather.

The ultimate aim of the process is to utilize the multiple automation options we have in place. Faster plate loading, reduced manual handling and long-unattended options is possible.


When it comes to the press, we take many things into consideration before printing the material. It is done by determining the final look, shape, feel of the product well ahead.

Our greatest strength in printing and packaging is acknowledging the client requirements assertively, ensuring timely delivery, exceeding client expectations in a pleasant manner.

Every single press printing activity/job we do is carried with at most respect and responsibility. Our printing press is the only press present in South India region with the combination of Flexo, Offset and Gravure machines.

Here are the machinery systems we use in the press printing and packaging processes.

  • Shinohara 52 IV size 15” x 20” Four Colour - 2006 Model.
  • Mitsubishi Daiya 1F-5 Size 20” x 28” Five Colour - 2000 Model.
  • Mitsubishi Daiya 3D-6 Size 28” x 40” Six Colour with UV Coater.
  • Akiyama BT 640 size 28” x 40” Six Colour with Coater - 1998 Model.
  • Aqua flex 6 color Flexo machine.
  • Tenma 6 color gravure machine.


The third/final part of any printing process is the Post Press. In the post-press segment, we work on providing several services for printing materials and packaging.

  • Wen Chuyan 28” x 40” with UV and Aqueous Varnish.
  • Sugano 28” x 40” die cutter.
  • Manual Die Cutter.
  • Jagenberg Folder Gluer.
  • Polar 76 EM Cutter.
  • Itoh 170 FC Cutter.
  • Rota Flex Offline Coating machine for Labels.
  • Gietz Foil Stamping Machine.
  • Label Sheet Cutter.
  • Manual Hot Stamping Machine.
  • Lamination Machine.
  • Hydraulic Punching for Labels.
  • Gravure Lamination Machine.
  • Slitting Machine.